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Women are often the target of hormone replacement centers’ marketing efforts but in all actuality – women and men can benefit from bioidentical hormones therapy. Women may be more aware of their menopausal symptoms and seek out bioidentical hormones therapy more actively but as men age, they undergo drastic hormonal changes, too.




HRT Benefits for Men

Dr. CAREing's Preventive Medicine offers bioidentical hormones for aging men who are also facing a drop in natural hormone production. This season of life, called andropause, involves a male decline in natural hormones, namely testosterone.


The male decline in hormones is not as sudden or sharp as it is in women, but symptoms may still be present. The therapy we provide with bioidentical hormones evaluates the hormone levels in men and offers natural, individualized therapies to restore hormone levels. Many men have benefited from Dr. CAREing's Preventive Medicine’s focus on men’s health.


Call today to make an appointment with Dr. Astrid Gutsmann in Allen, Texas (972) C-A-R-E-i-n-g (227-3464) or sign up online to feel better and younger again.


Is HRT Right for Me?

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2010 - present

Men with reduced hormone production, also considered in andropause, may experience:


  • Dips in energy level

  • Lower stamina

  • Decreased mental function

  • Suffering sense of well being

  • Sexual dysfunction or decreased libido

2010 - present

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