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 Hormone Replacement Therapy

for Aging

Women's HRT  - Click Here to learn more about female HRT starting at $350.

Men's HRT - Click Here to learn more about male HRT starting at $199 for 10 weeks.

As men and women age, they begin to experience the effects of decreased hormones in their body.  Hormone Replacement Therapy "HRT" is a viable and effective treatment for a variety of undesirable symptoms associated with hormone deficiencies. As we age, we produce fewer natural hormones. For some, it comes on earlier than others.

Over the years, patients have been prescribed synthetic hormones to handle and counter aging symptoms. However, studies have been shown that many of these synthetic hormone therapies traditionally prescribed by physicians may increase the likelihood of certain cancers and heart disease.


Dr. CAREing takes a different approach to countering aging effects. Through natural, individualized hormone supplements, patients can find relief from aging symptoms without some of the risks associated with synthetic hormones.


Call today to make an appointment with Dr. Astrid Gutsmann in Allen, Texas

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